The AnalytikzCart e-Commerce Suite

A n a l y t i k z offers a full-range of webdevelopment services. Out of these development projects, a frequent need has arisen for online shopping portals that can automatically display catalogue and ordering information, receive payment and update inventory quantities. Because of this we have developed a fully automated shopping portal product for our customers.

 T h e    A n a l y t i k z C a r t :

A full-featured, complete, integrable online shopping portal, allowing you to effectively sell your products online and receive payment via any method you like.
Features include:

Site Mangement
    * Multi-lingual and Multi-currency support
    * Separate web mail
    * Accessibility per role

 Catalog Management and Browsing
    * Unlimited product categories with images associated
    * Reviews and Ratings Management
    * Search Box with Auto Search suggested Terms

 Product Management and Browsing
    * Custom Product categories supported
    * Separate price and stock management based on attribute combination
    * Product image zoom and light box to display large image
Customer Management
    * Support unlimited customer groups
    * Add and edit customers in admin panel
    * Support order discount for each customer group
Order Management
    * Add orders in admin
    * Print invoices and packaging lists from the order screen
    * Credit Slip or Store Credit for merchandise return

    * One-Page Checkout
    * Checkout without accounts
    * Ajax Shopping Cart

Statistics and Reports
    * Products reports
    * Order reports
    * Web Analytics Reports

Promotion tools and SEO
    * Catalog Promotional Discount
    * Product discounts based on quantity or customer groups
    * Search Engine Friendly URLs

 A full Content Management System
·         Easily maintain your own product catalogs, easily upload images and add/revise content

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