Our Services

A N A L Y T I K Z    C O N S U L T I N G uses the power of analytics and Information Technology to liberate your business potential. Our Business Consultants and our staff of IT engineers will work with you to determine the solution you need.

Our strengths come from leveraging the proper technology and understanding to meet our clients' business needs. Whether it's a game theory decision model you need, IT support or development, or how to meet demand or smoothen your supply chain, we are here to walk you through the process.

 W e   o f f e r :

  • IT Support & Maintenance
  • Systems Development & Integrations
  • IP-PBX Telephony
  • A range of hosted/cloud services 
    • Strategic Business Consulting
      • Process Engineering
      •         Game Theory & Decision Modeling
      • Statistical Data Analyses
      •         Forecasting & Predective Modeling 


S T R A T E G I C   B U S I N E S S    C O N S U L T I N G

Need to set up a new office? Want to know the technology and human resource requirements? Inventory piling up? Operations too wasteful? Bottlenecks in production? Customer satisfaction down? Losing market-share? Check out our Business Process Engineering Services. Whether you are experiencing too much growth to manage, or suffering from a diminished competetive standing, we can help.

If you're locked in a strategic issue, conflict or negotiation, then our Game Theory Services are for you.


D A T A   M I N I N G   &   N U M E R I C A L   A N A L Y S E S

Need a market analysis performed? Want to know how important a causal factor demographics are in your market? Been keeping all that POS data? Want to know how to use it, to forecast, manage inventory or plan production better? Check out our Data Mining offering. We do predictive modelling, SAS, SPSS modelling, and forecasting. Whether you're a large pharma manufacturer wanting to know success predictors for treatments, or an electronics manufacturer who wants to forecast his sales to plan for upcoming production needs, or a distributor who wants to segment his market: statistical analyses brings certainty to uncertain situations.


I T   S U P P O R T   &   D E V E L O P M E N T

Your IT Network is the backbone of your company. It connects you to your customers and suppliers. It allows for collaboration and communication among your teams, employees and processes. The health of your business depends on a healthy data / information network.

Analytikz can handle all your software, network devices (routers, switches, modems), servers, WAN, LAN, and any systems development needs aslo. Profit from the advice of a dedicated team of consultants and engineers to leverage the technology your business needs require. Let our engineers maintain your IT infrastructure while you concentrate on business.

Need to link your ordering to your inventory systems? Need to monitor your logistics network, or monitor your sales teams? Technology can automate redundant tasks efficiently and precisely. Whether you are running a clinical laboratory, a warehouse, a manufacturing plant or a call center, we can help you with the systems you need, and the interfacing equipment for robotics or automation, to deliver the production performance you expect from your business.

We are able to develop unique, customized platforms or portals specific to your needs, affordably and robustly. Before you make your technology committment, let us know and find out what ANALYTIKZ engineers can do for your Operations and Finances.

We have experts in each field, depending on your business needs.